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      Employment Law & Contract Disputes

      Omaha, Nebraska Employment Lawyer

      The attorneys at Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway PC LLO represent employers and employees in disputes over discrimination and the terms of the employment relationship.? We work closely with business clients to draft agreements and policies, paying particular attention to disciplinary procedures and non-discrimination policies. ?

      We also work closely with employees who have been unfairly treated or discriminated against by his or her employer.? The state and federal laws and procedural requirements of an employment discrimination case are complex.? Experienced attorneys know how to navigate through them and develop a successful strategy.

      In addition, contracts outside of the employment realm are desired and sometimes turn into disputes.? We have experience in drafting contracts and reviewing them when disputes arise.

      Call or email?today for an initial consultation to discuss your circumstances with an employment and contract attorney in the Omaha area.? Payment plans may be an option.

      Call 402-884-7044 or Email Today.