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      Landlord / Tenant Law

      Omaha, Nebraska Landlord / Tenant Lawyers

      The relationship between a property owner and tenant is governed by special rules.? When a tenant fails to pay rent, is disruptive or otherwise violates the terms of the lease, the property owner has certain rights to recover both the property and potentially monetary damages against the tenant.? However, the tenant also has specific rights under these circumstances that a property owner must be aware of to avoid potential legal pitfalls.?

      In addition, a tenant may allege that a property owner or manager is discriminating against that tenant.? The discrimination laws and regulations are complex and very specific, and can be a trap for the unwary property owner.?

      The attorneys at Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway PC LLO have experience in consulting property owners and property managers in these circumstances.? From allegations of discriminatory housing practices to evictions for nonpayment of rent, they provide legal advice to both small and large property owners and managers and toward the best outcome.

      Call or email?today for an initial consultation with an Omaha attorney that represents landlords and tenants in disputes.? Payment plans may be an option.

      Call 402-884-7044 or Email Today.