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      Expungements & Set Aside

      Omaha, Nebraska Lawyers

      We receive a lot of calls from people trying to clean up and expunge their record.? The state of Nebraska has a few options for clients desiring to change what prospective employers will see or what employers can hold against them.?

      First, in Nebraska, expungements are only available if the arrest does not lead to a conviction or there was a mistake by law enforcement in arresting you in the first place.?

      Second, Nebraska has a Board of Pardons.? This is where the board can pardon you from your offense.? They expect a substantial period of law-abiding conduct before they will give your request serious consideration.? This would be the only option if you are seeking to restore firearm rights.

      Finally, Nebraska allows you to petition for your sentencing judge to set aside your conviction.? This process is used the most out of the three.?? Call or email?today for a free initial consultation with an Omaha criminal attorney familiar with these options.? Payment plans may be an option.

      Call 402-884-7044 or Email Today.