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      Temporary Protected Status

      Omaha, Nebraska Immigration Lawyer

      Temporary Protected Status is available for nationals from the following countries who have been in the US since specific dates:

      • El Salvador
      • Guinea
      • Haiti
      • Honduras
      • Liberia
      • Nicaragua
      • Sierra Leon
      • Somalia
      • Sudan
      • South
      • Sudan
      • Syria

      Each country has different requirements.?

      In addition, any one felony or three misdemeanors will make you ineligible.?

      Our firm has experience in assessing TPS cases. Immigration reform is still being addressed.? If you would like to provide us your information, we will be happy to update you on developments that may interest you. Click here to access our form.Call or emailtoday for a free initial consultation with an Omaha attorney.? Payment plans may be an option

      Call 402-884-7044 or Email Today.